Corporate Gifting Contact

Corporate Gifting Contact


What percentage of Olive & Annie sales are donated to ZLT Hope Home? 

One hundred percent of profits are donated directly to ZLT Hope Homes. Olive & Annie was founded to support ZLT Hope Homes with sustainable income generation, while equally creating ethical employment for artisans in Kenya and beyond. 

Olive & Annie embodies the belief that we can make a difference as global citizens through the products we purchase and the causes we support.

How do I clean Olive & Annie brass jewelry? 

Olive & Annie brass products can be cleaned with a dash of lemon and warm water, or dish soap and warm water. Gently scrub your jewelry with a soft-bristled toothbrush (our preference) or dish cloth. Pat dry and watch your jewelry return to their original golden glow.

Are Olive & Annie moccs safe for my baby to wear? 

Olive & Annie moccs utilize chrome free dyes, making them safe for little ones of all ages. Every pair of Olive & Annie moccs are handcrafted with traditional leatherwork practices in Nairobi, Kenya. Our leathers are sourced from an internationally certified tannery in Athi River, Kenya, ensuring the highest quality of leather - utilizing entirely chrome free leathers.

Do Olive & Annie boutique products still support ZLT Hope Homes? 

Yes, all products sold by Olive & Annie support ZLT Hope Homes, inclusive of our ethical boutique products!

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